I graduated last year; can I still participate?

Yes. We allow former students to participate if you have graduated within the past year. If you have graduated 2 years ago, then you are not able to participate.

Is there an age limit?

All undergraduates, and students who have graduated within in the last year are able to participate if eligibility criteria are met. Refer to the competition page for more details.

I'm not Sri Lankan, Can I participate?

The competition is only open for Sri Lankan nationalities who are studying in local or a foreign university. But keep following our social accounts, there’ll be future opportunities for you.

Can I participate in both competitions?

Yes, we encourage multiple submissions, but the participant will be allowed to submit one design per competition irrespective if it’s a solo submission or a team.

Can I visit the site?

For the time being you are not allowed to visit the PCC premises unless you are one of the finalists. But please keep in touch via our social media for the latest updates on the competition.

Can anybody come to the unveiling ceremony?

For the time being we have restrictions in relations to the current conditions, however there is a possibility for the situation to be improved for the better. Therefore, follow us through our social media, for the latest updates.

Can a high school student participate?

We appreciate your enthusiasm and understand your willingness to participate in the competition; however, this event is planned only for university students. But keep up to date by following our social accounts for future competitions!

My design didn't win any prize, can it still be built?

For now, the winning concept will be built at the Port City Colombo. If we receive many high-quality entries, we can consider your proposal in the future

Do I have the copyright of the design?

The winning projects will be copyrighted to Port City Colombo, while credits are given to the creator/designer. The copyrights for the rest of the submissions can be claimed by the respective designer

I want to join the competition with my friends. Is there a limit on the number of members in a team?

Yes, the maximum number of members on a team is three and all members should be compliant with the eligibility criteria.

Can I participate on my own?

Yes, you can participate as an individual, and submit your design concepts to both.

Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, the maximum number of entries is limited to one entry per competition, per entrant.

Can I participate both as a sole entrant and with a group?

Sure, if there won’t be any conflicts and everyone can work with an open mind, yes you may. However, there’s a limitation to it, following is how you can participate in the competitions. Competition A – Solo Artist, Competition B – Part of a Team Competition A – Solo Artist, Competition B – Solo Artist Competition A – Part of a Team, Competition B – Part of a team (this could be the same team or two different teams)

When will the winners be announced?

Please refer the competition page for the timeline and updates.

What is the deadline for the competition?

Please refer the competition page for the timeline and updates.

I would like to know if I can submit a 3D model of the sculpture.

We won’t be accepting physical models, but you can create a 3D model of your concept and submit photographs of the same as mentioned in the submission guideline.

What are the requirements for the digital A3 submission?

You must submit 1 PDF of the design concept with 2 visuals from different angles you prefer. Apart from that, the 2nd PDF should be submitted separately for the materials required and description of the project.

What size should the entry images be?

20 MB maximum per submission for all 02 files.

What are the requirements that I must consider for my concept?

You must consider the wind factor, the materials, longevity, safety and maintenance of the sculpture and finally the relevance to the theme.

Will you be sponsoring for the materials?

The PCC will pay for the sculpture/interactive wall fabrication, while you will have the opportunity to collaborate with the top professionals and learn from them

What are the entry requirements for a group?

Each member must submit their name, the name of their institution, course title, the year their studies commenced, email addresses and contact numbers. Note that a group can only have 3 members maximum and should be within the eligibility criteria. Please refrain from mentioning any personal details on the content submitted, as we would like to conduct the competition fairly.

If I pass the first round, when can I develop my sculpture for the judges?

Once we receive all the entries, we will be selecting and announcing the 3 finalists from each competition. They will be working with our team and receive professional guidance to improve their concept and allow the competitors time to further groom their project. Then on the deadline, we will again go through the improved concepts and select a winner from both the competition, and the winning design will be constructed by PCC. The timelines for each milestone will be updated on the respective competition pages and will be announced via social media.

My registration link is not working, what do I do?

You can drop an email to PCCSDCenquiry2020@chec.lk

I’m unable to upload my designs, what can I do?

Please drop an email to PCCSDCenquiry2020@chec.lk with screenshots of the error you are seeing.

Have more questions but not listed above?

Please send your queries to PCCSDCenquiry2020@chec.lk, we'll make sure that you'll get your answers soon.