“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald –

Theming the competition as “Vitality”, is an accurate representation of the Port City Colombo boulevard, which is the hub of all things exciting, fusing an extremely lively environment, painted by a clash of multicultural representation, energized by the thrilling vivacity of youth and modern technology. This is where vitality thrives, and the place where we become all as one.

As one of the key focal points in Port City Colombo, this common ground will be visited by million pairs of eyes every single day, naturally marking it as a place that can seed a change in the world. This is where the interactive wall will be constructed, at the heart of the urban zing, witnessed by millions.

Let this be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Extract the concept of “vitality” and fuse it to your vision of how the future should be forged. Let this interactive wall be your voice, a projection of yourself and to show the true power of your inner drive.



Launch of the competition - 29th July 2020


Closing Submissions – 8th September 2020


Round 1 & 2 Jury evaluations – 9th to 22nd September 2020


Selection of Top 3 submissions – 23rd September 2020


Mentoring sessions – 23rd September to 18th October 2020


Announcing the winner – 4th Week of October 2020

Click HERE to download the image pack

Click HERE to download the image pack


All the participants must be Sri Lankan undergraduate/graduate student currently enrolled in any registered University in Sri Lanka or studying overseas, who are reading in the fields of Art, Architecture, Design, Engineering and/or any other programme that aligns with creativity.

Former students who have graduated within the last year, are welcome to participate in the competition if the above criteria are met.

The participation can be done as a solo artist or as a team maximum of 03 students, while all the team members need to be within the eligibility criteria stated above.Summary

  • All applicants must be Sri Lankan nationals.
  • All applicants should be undergraduate students currently enrolled in any registered university in Sri Lanka or overseas, who are reading in the fields of Art, Architecture, Design, Engineering and/or any other programme that aligns with creativity.
  • Graduates who have completed their degree in the academic year 2019/2020 are also eligible to apply, provided that criteria 1 & 2 above are met. Proof of completion of the degree has to be submitted.
  • In order to validate your application, the national identity card number is a must.
  • An applicant can apply as a solo applicant and as a member of a team. (A maximum of 2 submissions). An applicant cannot make multiple registrations by using the same NIC number. (ex. If an applicant has already made a registration as a solo contestant to either of competitions, and still willing to submit a group entry to the other competition, same NIC holder should avoid registering as the principal contestant)
  • If an applicant is participating as a team, the team is limited to a maximum of 3 members
  • The submission file(s) should be less than 20mb, in PDF format.


  • The design project submitted to the project should be a unique concept
  • An individual can participate as a solo competitor and as one of the team limited to 03 entrants per team.
  • A competitor can submit, 1 concept per competition irrespective of competing as a solo artist or as a team.
  • The submission must be in 2 A3 size pages, which needs to include a visual of the design in 2 angles, materials proposed for the design, brief on the concept.
  • The submission file(s) should be less than 20mb, in PDF format.
  • Please do not add any personal details on the submission materials (A3 PDFs), as we wish to advance the competition impartially.
  • The winning concept will be constructed at the Marina beach in Port City Colombo premises.
  • The lucky winner will cooperate with an international company in constructing the sculpture
  • The maximum dimensions for the sculpture are 38 meters (length) x 1.8 meters (height)

Competition Outline

  • All applicants must register through the website to participate in the competition.
  • All submissions must be submitted via this website's online submission portal
  • The system will sort qualified submissions based on Jury’s markings.
  • Twenty (20) submissions will be shortlisted for each competition.
  • Out of the shortlisted 20 submissions, three (03) submissions will be shortlisted for Top 03 Awards and prizes.
  • The selected final round submissions will mandatorily go through an expert panel for its feasibility study
  • A special design consultant will conduct a 02 weeks’ special workshop with the 3 finalist to further develop selected proposals.
  • Honorary mentions will be decided and selected by a panel of experts.


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Upload Your Design & Proposal
use the index number!
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Need to know more about the competition before you head on?



Senior Textile Designer & Lecture
Shilanthi Abayagunawardana

“As you take on this “New World” of opportunity ,be responsible in your freedom , let wisdom of the past navigate you towards clarity, be brave in your creation ,infuse exceptional value and quality which breathes, timelessness !”

Ruchi Jayanathan

Sculpture to me - is the art of playing with solid and void, navigating the nature and soul of the place and materials in use … to provoke a dialogue, an emotion or a spiritual response

Contemporary Artist & Designer
Anoma Wijewardene

In this cataclysmic and historic moment when public art and statues which are questionable are being torn down it is vital to approach this venture with a deep dive into concept and meaning. Considering the zeitgeist of the moment and also for all time, sharing the universal call for justice and equality, and bringing visual peace and harmony might be a way to approach this opportunity.

Associate Director - Atkins
Xia Yuan

As a landscape designer, he often uses appropriate public art to create the highlights of the city. Good public art is the spiritual wealth of a city, which can resonate with people in culture, entertainment and sometimes emotion. When evaluating the success or failure of a public art work, apart from its aesthetic value, we should also consider the social value it brings, for example a sense of belonging, a sense of pride of the city, the embodiment of regional cultural characteristics, the transmission of positive values, and even the solution of social problems.


The Winner
University of Moratuwa
Cash Price of 300,000 LKR
Top Three

From round one

Runner Up Nethmini Liyanagamage-Manchester Uni., Shavendra Goonetilleke-Melbourne Uni., Azamul Huq Abdul Haleem-Kent Uni.
Runner Up Ranjaka Kalhara Hettiarachchi
Liverpool John Moores University
University of Moratuwa